Company Profile

Since foundation, in the middle of the 1990s, the company “Brock” has expanded in its working area of wheels. By today we are able to produce about 850.000 wheels each day. Within our firm design-development, production, marketing and sales are combined. The assortment of aluminium alloy wheels introduces, with its two main brands – “Brock” and “RC Design” over 50 designs in site from 13 to 22 inches. The impressing stock as well as the great assortment of products, which includes multipart wheels and designs for the Offroad Area and SUV’s, is the base of our success! The variable ways of using our wheels is as much a component of our concept as the regularly checked quality. All of our wheels are tested in several ways and accredited by Germany´s TÜV.

About 200 workers are employed at our European factories. Our modern logistics centre with about 16.000 storing positions for paletts, storage and the transport station is placed in Weilerswist, besides the sales department and the development division. Every day about 4000 wheels are placed in storage and removed from it. Furthermore this is the place where two-part and three-part wheels are manufactured by hand. In order to ensure a fluent delivery, great amounts of products are stored in the impressive high rack storage area. Our wheels are produced in our own foundry. Hundred workers stand for a optimum production with the help of modern machines and technologically highly-developed machining centres.

Our enamelling line works on the newest level of technology and therefore it offers high quality standards. Based in the world-leading painting and coating plant, a three years long warranty is possible. Supporting the aspect of a long warranty our company uses acrylic paint powder as a protection lacquer. This material is more expensive than usual lacquering but unbeatable in its quality. A better protection for corrosion, granulate and other weather conditions is reached due to a higher coat thickness and an improved Material density. Even brake dust can be easily erased and it prevents a destruction of the wheel. Our aim is to guarantee a first-class quality, keep our content customers as well as enlarge our clientele. For this, our reason for success is a constant stock, premium sales documents and updated German TÜV approval, besides our best educated workers.

Production & Processing

Advantage of our company’s short history:

The latest and most technically advanced machines provide superior designs of the highest quality.

Using the FEM (Finite – Element – Method) – calculation:

Through the use of FEM – calculation in the production not only reduces costs, but also the quality assured. To shorten the FEM – calculating the production cycles. FEM means finite – element – method. FEM calculations help to optimize complex components or analyze their behavior computationally. Since 2002, all Brock wheels are throughout the cycle, only FEM – thus calculated in advance the design and capacity can be calculated as 100 percent.


Our complex painting process ensures top quality of Brock and RC design wheels.

It is based on Nine – Zones – treatment of the wheels.

The wheels are first degreased and then pickled to remove existing alumina. On the so purified aluminum subsequently a monomulekulare layer is applied, which serves as corrosion protection and adhesion promoter. In the intermediate zones, the wheels each with VE – flushed water (deionized water) to ensure 100% cleaning. After the final rinse, the wheels can be dried at about 120 degrees Celsius. Here also we think of the environment and set up a 100% free of heavy metals treatment.

After completed treatment comes the gray primer. The primer is a powder paint that is applied electrostatically in a powder room. The powder coating is then cured at about 180 degrees Celsius for one hour.

After the primer a water-soluble base coat is applied in a 2nd system. Depending on the type of coating now different effects can be produced. The final step is now standard on all wheels, whatever that color variation is desired, the apply of the acrylic – clear powder. The acrylic powder is also applied electrostatically and baked at about 180 degrees Celsius. The optical advantage of the acrylic powder is its transparency. In particular, polished and high-sheen wheels (SHP) keep the powder clear and their brilliance without any yellow tinge.

The highlight of the colors is applied in our paint SLC – technology. It is a combination of powder coating and PVD – technology and provides a “chrome-like” surface. The field-proven method is applied as follows:

On the pretreated and primed wheel a metallic coat is applied by PVD – process, in the corresponding metal is vaporized in a vacuum. Then, in the same manner as already described, the acrylic – clear powder is coated. The choice of the metal determined in addition to the corrosion resistance and especially the color, brightness and brilliance of the rim.