Brock B33


Kristallsilber (KS)


8.0×17 I 8.0×18 I 8.5×18 I 8.5×19





Brock B33

Kristallsilber (KS)

The B33 offers the discreet sports appeal in graceful twin-spoke look. A stylish design, which is characterized by the endless acting spokes plays nicely into the center. An appropriate depth is given by the wheelgloss polished surfaces and shows your character to technically elegant.

Sizes and details
  • 8.0×17
  • 8.0×18
  • 8.5×18
  • 8.5×19

Available in:
5×100 I 5×108 I 5×112 I 5×114 I 5×115 I 5×120

Parallel to our Brock hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!



Brock B33 SGVP
Brock B33 KS