Brock B36

Hyper Silber (HS)

7.5×17 I 8.0×18 I 8.5×19



Brock B36

Hyper Silber (HS)

Dynamic proportion, distinctive color scheme and powerful polished lines. The interaction of all the details creates the new design “B36” coming out of the Brock Alloy Wheels manufacture. Fifteen tapering spokes inspire the “B36” to a unique multi spoke wheel.

The color interpretations Hyper Silber (HS) and Kristallsilber Black (KSB) fit perfectly to the matchless shape of the wheel.

Brock’s B36 presents determination perfect in form in the sizes 7.5×17, 8.0×18 and 8.5×19. The claims to usual quality still meet the Brock standards by granting “3 Years Warranty*” and “100% Made in Europe”.

Sizes and details


  • 7.5×17
  • 8.0×18
  • 8.5×19

Available in:
5×100 I 5×108 I 5×112 I 5×114 I 5×120

Parallel to our Brock hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!



Brock B36 HS
Brock B36 KSB