ECE – Light Alloy Wheels by Brock & RC-Design

ECE Alloy wheels are on the advance and a simple way to your desired design. With the acquisition of ECE – wheels you may save the carriage of a ABE (general operating license in accordance with § 20 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations), and can also use the original screws. The Brock Alloy Wheels Germany GmbH offers a wide range of certified ECE – on wheels, which is seen throughout Europe as free registration. Among other this wheels range includes the stylish designs, “Brock” B38 and B37 or the “RC-Design” RC30.

The ECE test mark (Economic Commission for Europe) is subject to authorization components of motor vehicles. The basis for this test, the so-called ECE regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland). All light alloy wheels with the R124 E1 marking, allowed in countries where the ECE is recognized without specific entry, driven in the vehicle documents.


ECE – Fitment Guide

ECE – Felgen ZuordnungA vehicle allocation to all of our ECE – wheels can be viewed at the following PDF.

 Brock B38 SGVP
Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

 Brock B38 SG
Schwarz Glanz

 Brock B37 KSVP
Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert

Brock B37 DS
Dark Sparkle

 Brock B35 SMVP
Schwarz Matt Voll-Poliert


Brock B35 TM
Titan Metallic

 Brock B34 SGVP
Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

  Brock B34 SKM
Schwarz Klar Matt


Brock B32 HGVP
Himalaya Grey Voll-Poliert

Brock B32 SKM
Schwarz Klar Matt

Brock B31 SGVP
Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

 Brock B31 KS

RC-Design RC30 KS

RC-Design RC30 SG
Schwarz Glanz

RC-Design RC29 HGVP
Himalaya Grey Voll-Poliert

RC-Design RC29 DS
Dark Sparkle

RC-Design RC28 KS

RC-Design RC27 SGVP
Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

RC-Design RC27 KS

RC-Design RC27 SKM
Schwarz Klar Matt

RC-Design RC26 SGVP
Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

RC-Design RC26 TM
Titan Metallic

 RC-Design RC24 KS


RC-Design RC24 SKM
Schwarz Klar Matt


RC-Design RC24 TM
Titan Metallic

The following countries recognize the ECE regulations.

The following key figures are occasionally referred to inaccuraciously as country codes in legal documents or in the language of conversation. The key figures for the approving countries are:

1 Germany
2 France
3 Italy
4 Netherlands
5 Sweden
6 Belgium
7 Hungary
8 Czech Republic
9 Spain
10 Yugoslavia; Now Serbia
11 United Kingdom
12 Austria
13 Luxembourg
14 Switzerland
15 – (formerly DDR)
16 Norway
17 Finland
18 Denmark
19 Romania
20 Poland
21 Portugal
22 Russian Federation
23 Greece
24 Ireland
25 Croatia
26 Slovenia
27 Slovakia
28 Belarus
29 Estonia
31 Bosnia and Herzegovina
32 Latvia
34 Bulgaria
35 Kazakhstan
36 Lithuania
37 Turkey
39 Azerbaijan
40 Macedonia
42 European Union
43 Japan
45 Australia
46 Ukraine
47 South Africa
48 New Zealand
49 Cyprus
50 Malta
51 South Korea
52 Malaysia
53 Thailand
56 Montenegro
58 Tunisia