RC-Design RC26

Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert (SGVP)

6.5×15 I 7.0×16 I 7.5×17 I 7.5×18



RC-Design RC26 – SGVP

Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert

The special lines give the new RC26 Brock, sportiness and dynamism. In sizes from 15 to 18 inches Small-and medium-class vehicles such as the new VW Golf can be upgraded with this attractive rim. The twin-spoke design and the wheel center ausdruckfolle there is in the trend-Color Titan Metallic and Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert.

Sizes and details


  • 6.5×15
  • 7.0×16
  • 7.5×17
  • 7.5×18

Available in:
4×100 I 4×108
5×100 I 5×105 I 5×108 I 5×110 I 5×112 I 5×114 I 5×115 I 5×120

Parallel to our RC-Design hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!



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