RC-Design RC28

Kristallsilber (KS)

6.5×16 I 7.0×16 I 7.5×17



RC-Design RC28

Kristallsilber (KS)

With seven elegant double-spokes, the new RC Design RC28 rims trumps size. It is already available in the sizes 6.5×15, 7.0×16 and 7.5×17 in the color crystal silver. The RC28 alloy wheel is also available in a 4-hole version.

Sizes and details


  • 6.5×16
  • 7.0×16
  • 7.5×17

Available in:
4×100 I 4×108 I 5×98 I 5×100 I 5×108 I 5×110 I 5×112 I 5×114 I 5×115 I 5×120

Parallel to our Brock hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!



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