Brock B38

Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert (SGVP)
Brock B38 - Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert (SGVP)

Brock B37

Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert (KSVP)
Brock B37 - Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert (KSVP)

Brock & RC-Design

Brock & RC-Design AlufelgenThe very extensive wheel program of Brock Alloy Wheels (Manufacturer of TÜV-certified light alloy wheels) will be extended for 2016 by the technically very challenging wheels “Brock” B37 and the “RC-Design” RC31 and RC30 with its sophisticated paintings.

Brock & RC-Design 2016

ECE - Wheels

ECE - FelgenprogrammBrock Alloy Wheels Germany offers a broad assortment of tested ECE-Wheels which can be used without registration all over in Europe. This assortment includes wheels such as the new “RC-Design” RC29 or the stylish rims “Brock” B34 and B35.

ECE - Wheels


Reifendruckkontroll System Customers who still want to market the very attractive Brock and RC Design wheels can trust in the well prepared concept from Brock. Every Brock and RC Design wheel was checked, homologated and adapted to the requirements of the sensor manufacturers.


100% Winterized

Brock & RC-Design Winterwheels

With our own environmentally friendly “Brock Alloy Wheels – Acrylic Painting”, our wheels are especially resistant to corrosion, pollution, stone-fall damage or gritting salt.  The higher coating thickness and density of the acrylic powder makes this possible. Winterwheels


100% Made in Europe

At Brock Alloy Wheels, this is not just a saying, but a conviction. About 200 employees work at the European sites close together, and put this principle into practice. This design development, production, logistics, marketing and sales are united within the corporate group. Brock Alloy Wheels counts with its production at one of the few companies in the sector gears that produce exclusively in Europe.“We promise 100% and 3 years warranty!*”

  • 100% Made in Europe! 100%

Brock & RC-Design – Wheels

Try the Configurator

With the Brock and RC-Design “Wheel-Configurator” you get a fast and easy overview about your vehicle. And this is how the wheel search works: First you select your vehicle by typing the HSN (manufacturer key number) and the TSN (type key number) into the boxes. As an alternative you can also search without the HSN- /TSN-Number by using the “Vehicle Selection”. In both cases you will be offered one of the largest assortments of light alloy wheels you will find on the internet. Along with that you will get all important information about your wheel like: ECE approval, certificates, winter suitability or fitting TPM-Systems.



Wheels of Brock and RC design are 100% TPMS compatible!

Customers who want to continue promote the attractive wheel brands Brock and RC-Design can trust the meticulously worked out concept of Brock. All designs of Brock and RC-Design were reviewed, homologated and adapted to the requirements of the sensor manufacturer. Those supplied TPMS Sensors by Brock fit perfectly and are characterized by their superb quality. TPMS

Conservation of the Environment

Conservation starts with our concept. Optimizations are made on the computer and are directly implemented. With our modern machines, which are improved and upgraded constantly, we are able to reduce the use of energy, water and materials. We use water from our own water purification system. We can supply the complete production area with that and we also reduce the produced waste. Environmental protection and safety is an essential part of our company policy at Brock Alloy Wheels. We also purchase our consumed electricity by a modern photovoltaic system since 2014 at our location in Weilerswist.

Energy Awareness by Brock

BEco Logo ECO-FelgenThe B-Eco Line from Brock Alloy Wheels was launched especially for electric cars. Drivers who are aware of energy do not have to deal with optical restrictions any more. With the adjusted wheels by “Brock“ and “RC-Design“, the future cars can be upgraded visually and technically. In addition to that, the ECO-Wheels feature original fittings. So they allow an optimal installation without complications.